Earth's Best Turmeric Blend Capsule

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Earth Best is an original Blend of time-tested herbs such as Turmeric, “the Golden Spice of India” and a known Anti-Oxidant, Anti-inflammatory and Anti-Carcinogenic. It also has Black Pepper which increase absorption of curcumin (the potent anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory chemical in Turmeric). Added is also Moringa for it’s high nutritional value giving you a powerful blend of herbs and spices for over -all health. Helps with pain, hypertension and other cardiovascular problems. 

Warning: Not to be taken with prescription drugs and by pregnant women.  

Nutritional Facts per bottle: 

Iron (mg) – 7.56, Zinc (mg) – 0.36, Vitamin C (mg) – 2.1, β-carotene (μg) – 282

Net Wt. 500 mg / 60 capsules: 

– 2 capsules 1x/day after meal or  2 capsule 2x/day  for those with health problems or as prescribed by your doctor.